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March 23rd 2012

It was Altrincham Grammar School's centennial celebration dinner with 300 ex pupils and staff in attendance. The celebrations started at 5.30 in The Railway - Hale before moving on to the school for pre-dinner drinks - beer supplied by the Dunham Massey Brewing Company!

We had a pretty good turnout with Phil Rider, Phil Collins, Steve Cann, Al Bailey, Simon Feltham, Nigel Carr, Nick Jones, Mark Cleary, Simon Balme and Dave Rice all suited and booted - see the photos in the centennial link above!

Dale Morgan and Rick Lovell (1975-1977) came to the pub and met us for drinks afterwards and Rick's younger brother James can clearly be seen in the middle of the beer hall photograph.

Current headmaster Timothy Gartside gave a great speech which also referred to the two cups that our crowd - the Class of 1977-79 donated to the school the previous week - photos to come!

Kevin Pearson then gave a very, very long speech which name checked Phil Rider who reacted accordingly!

I'm afraid that the boys of 77-79 had had enough at this point and made a smart exit to The Railway and then The Tatton - I have a vague memory of catching a taxi with Phil Rider, arriving home at 2.38 (I remember this clearly as I had forgotten my key and had to wake my youngest up!)


February 12th 2011

OK chaps the new gallery from Last week's do is here

What a blast of a night!, I don't know about all of you but my liver hurt the next day! I remember staggering home in the rain, probably the last to leave after a couple of double Jamies, like I needed them!, with my trusty camera slung over my shoulder. One step forward two steps back ! lol. It was great to see everyone. If you have any anecdotes about the night then send them to me and I will put them on here. Maybe we could start a bulletin board system, (he says knowing he ain't got the time to develop it!)

Brilliant to see everyone, so thanks so much for making the effort. We all have each others email addresses too so if we want to organise something in the future it should be a little easier! If you have any more photos you'd like to share then please send them to me.

Cheers til the next time chaps!


PS And a big thanks to Dave Rice for putting in so much effort!

July 6th 2010

What a difference a few years makes! here was I mucking around with this page when it could all have been on Facebook! The country is pooped - no money, stock market falling - gold rising! we'll be eating rats caught in the street next - the fall of western economies! Anyway before I get too maudlin we are planning another reunion.

The main Alty Grammar page is here: and if you are interested in joining us next February or have a reason to change the date then please let me know directly on

The Reunion page is here: I am suggesting 12th Feb 2011 but like I said if there is a mass of protest then of course we'll change it. Frankly Februaries are shit so let's leave it there if we can! lol

Regards to All!


April 21st 2007

We met up with Mike Rofe today in the Stamford Arms, he is moving to Dubai after 16 years in Japan working for a TV/Telecomms company. We spent a few hours in the pub before he sped off to London via his brother Dave's. Nick Jones, Nige Carr, Mark Cleary, Dale MacDonald and Paul Broadhurst! popped in for a pint.

Click Here For More Photos Of April 21st 2007


Well that was a great night wasn't it?! I got home about 3.15am after one too mady JD's. It was great to see all the new faces. If you couldn't make it then hope to see you at the next one! You can see all of the photographs from reunion 2 by following the link below:

Reunion 2 Click Here For The Photos


Email me to add pictures, memories, anecdotes, messages etc Here

Reunion: Tatton Arms 26/1/2002

It took over a year to organise, but the reunion at the Tatton Arms in Altrincham for the Alty Grammar 1977/79 leavers was a cracking event !. Eight hours of drinking socialising and getting to know old friends. Organised by Phil Elliot, Dave Rice, Paul Broadhurst (Who was mysteriously missing at the event) and host Jake Kelly. Friends that hadn't seen each other for twenty five years, old stories, anecdotes and memories flowed like the beer, all evening. Great to see that no-one had lost their ability to down the obligatory eight pints of Boddies with the same wild abandon of twenty five years ago, without thought or bother for the inevitable hangover the following morning. Jake was jetting off for holiday early next morning but he stayed close to the death and ensured that every one was well watered and fed, hats off to him for that!

So here's to the next one, probably Jan 2003. For all of those that couldn't make it this time take a look at the photo's and see what you missed! A fantastic night where grown business men, responsible parents and pillars of society regressed to their teen years with wild abandon, forgot all their troubles and had a rollicking good time.

Please help me to keep this site alive by sending me your photos and anecdotes and posting on the bulletin board, lets show our mates in far off places that there is still a community prepared to get together and share memories even if it takes a few years to get there. Keep checking the photos, each time a small gathering is organised remember to take your cameras and send me the details here

Mark (Des) Lawson came up to Alty last week and we met in the Stamford Arms (Does anyone else remember cashing in their free crown and spending it on a pint there in '77?). Mark is a Safeway manager and lives in St Ives, Cornwall. Pete Williamson, Nige Carr and Dave Rice were there to welcome him and record the event for posterity. Oh and if you're wondering what the bag of KP Skips is doing on the table, well it was the booby prize for coming last in the Pub Quiz!!! Good old Alty Grammar!

To get a real flavour of the evening take a look at the photo pages, yes all five of them ! below, you can click on each photo to see a bigger one.


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